Update: Saving Instagram Posts

It’s been abrely some days since Instagram’s last update, but yesterday we got a new one! Thanks to this Christmas update we can do something really useful on Instagram, something that many people have been asking for since it’s something that has already been implemented on other social networks for a long time: saving posts!

instagram Picture taken from Mashable.

Now, when you’re scrolling down through your Instagram news feed and checking out pictures from all of your friends, you’ll see a new icon that’s very typically used to symbolize “marker”. And that’s basically what it does! It marks a post that you choose and saves it on your profile for later. This is really useful when you look at, for example, a kitchen recipe. You find it really interestnig btu you’re not going to use it at that moment, so instead of taking a screenshots and losing it in your gallery with all the other pictures you take, you can have it in a separate and private section of your Instagram profile.

Not all users have this function available though, since it’s being released progressively. But people who already have it claim it’s pretty comfortable and really worth it. It’s probably one of Instagram’s most usefull recent updates! We’re really eager to see what they’ll bring is next time!

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