Tricks for a Neat Profile

Creating an Instagram profile and joining the community is literally the easiest thing about the entire social network.  You make an account, you set your profile name and start uploading pictures, trying to upload the nicest ones. But sometimes, even when we take care of our content, our account doesn’t seem as “pretty” as many others that we see out there. Why?

Zoella instagram Example of a profile that has nice pictures that also look good together (@Zoella).

Well, it’s easy. Other people use special apps that help them do cool stuff on their profile! For example, haven’t you even seen a 3×3 mosaic on an account made out of one single image? That can be done thanks to Instagrid or Tile Pic. Then you can save the mosaic in order so you don’t have to think about what order you need to keep the cropped images in to upload it. It does the whole job for you!

Also, lots of profiles seem to have really cool bio sections with lots of icons or weird fonts. That can be done thanks to Fonts Keyboard, for example. You can personalize your bio with diffeent types of letters, emojis and so on, to give it your own unique look.

Another important thing to keep in mind is what your profile looks like as a whole when uploading several pictures. It doesn’t matter how nice our photos are if they don’t go well together, because our profile might look messy at a first glance. Apps like Planoly help us out with that, because you can preview pictures before you upload them, so you can see how they look all together as if they were on your account.

We hope that with these simple tools you’ll be able to make your profile look much nicer and get more people attracted onto your account!

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