Top Artsy Instagram Accounts

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and we want to share some fresh new Instagram accounts to follow before your awesome vacations! It’s always nice to look at your feed and see new content every once in a while, instead of the same accounts over and over again, right? Keep on reading if you want to discover some new art-related Instagram accounts. We’re pretty sure you’ll love them!

paul fuentes A skull design with Frida Kahlo inspirations, made by Paul Fuentes.

The first one we’re presenting you is Paul Fuentes, a graphic designer from Mexico City. He’s got quite some interesting things on his account, and each picture he uploads is a completely different concept from all the others. Most of his designs are simple, yet full of detail. We really recommend checking it out.

Cecilia Alemani is also a very interesting option. Most of the work you’ll see in that account is mostly street art and views of different cities. It’s a very pleasing gallery to look at, and all of the pictures are also very nice to look at individually. There’s something totally unique about Cecilia and we’re in love with it.

Speaking of street art… how about some graffiti? Weston Shook‘s gallery is all about that. Even if you’re not a big fan of graffitis, you should still give this account a chance and check it out, you might be surprised about your own opinion on it!

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