Too Much Instagram Unhealthy?

Instagram has rapidly become one of the most used social networks nowadays. Lots of people of different ages use it, and lts of those people might be using it way too much. A few recent studies were done by the Young Health Movement and RSHP and their conclusions were a little bit shocking.

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Maybe the study results won’t come as a surprise to some, but maybe to a few it will. In fact, many of you might feel guilty! Apparently, an excessive use of Instagram can lead to very serious issues like anxiety and depression. Of course, we’re not saying that if you use Instagram over 4 hours a day you will have this, but it can lead to it for sure. Especially if you’re young.

Teenagers are very easily impressed, and Instagram is a social network based on impressing. So you have millions of pictures of awesome trips, bodies, lives, lots of them even edited with Photoshop. And then thousands or even millions of easily impressed minds see that and want that, they want a life that isn’t even real. Those sort of things ae what can lead to more serious issus like anxiety, depending on the person and their context.

So always be careful of how much social media you consume, it might be doing you more wrong than right! Use your time wisely.

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