Thai woman gets real followers and likes Instagram.

Thai woman gets real followers and likes Instagram thanks to her costumes.

Instagram is a space where you can share your creativity and cunning to do certain activities. Some people use it to show their beautiful pictures or how beautiful are the places that they visit. Other prefers to show to the world how creativity they are with only make-up and how they invent different hypes, such as spring eyebrows. Thanks to all this, they can get real followers and likes Instagram.

So we have today the case of Sine Benjaphron. She is from Thailand and 22 years old. In her account she has more than fifty thousand followers and thousands of likes in every post. Why? What is her secret to become an influencer?

She is a realistic, funny and singular cosplayer. She wears costumes to look like celebrities as Kim Jong-Un, Rihanna or imitating models of Paris Fashion Week. With this, she can use her creativity and imagination combined with her love to wear costumes.

But, she has other passion, she loves food. For this reason, with the help of her family, they decided that she needs to use the food as part of her costumes. With this, she combines her two passions: cosplay and food, and gets real followers and likes Instagram.

What was her objective when she started to post those pictures? She wanted to promote her own clothing brand of large sizes. For this reason, she started to wear costumes to improve her account with more real followers and likes Instagram.

At the moment, she has fifty eight thousand of followers, before starting wearing costumes, she had only five thousand, and more than two thousand of likes in her posts. Her creativity helps her to promote her account, to become an influencer and to promote her own clothing brand.

People from all over the world know her account only for her hilarious and funny costumes, but they do always ask the same question: “what does she do with the food that she uses on her costumes?” Well, she answers that she and her family eat it after the pictures with a great banquet. She is a great example about how can you get real followers and likes Instagram with your creativity.

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