Succes through active followers on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that works through interactions between different users, so it is essential to be and have active followers.

The human being is a social being that needs interactions with other humans. This interaction in the 21st century with technology as never before, social networks were born, thanks to which we can interact with people all over the planet. Instagram is a clear example of these social networks, and the online thing we need is active followers.

A very lovely example is Katie, mum of five photogenic children, as shown on her Instagram account. She has now reached two million active followers on her Instagram account thanks to pictures and videos of her children, the main characters on her account and on YouTube. The biggest star of de family is the little Mila, who appears the most in the videos, and with her great acting skills she has conquered many hearts, getting over a thousand likes on her videos.

When Mila always makes you be the ugly stepsister…

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Katie is a great example of how you can get a high number of active followers by means of the little ones in your home. But it is not the only way to promote our social network.

In the other end, there is Ross Smith, also getting help from out his home, but not his children, but from his grandma. Together, they have over more than a million active followers on Instagram because of their funny videos in which the grandma is the main character. Grandson and Granny enjoy their videos as two children, with lots of laughs.

And recently, there was even a video made of Mila and Ross’ Granny together! As we can see, this allows linking the followers of one profile to the other profile; both seeing increased their active followers.

In this specific video, Mila facetimes Granny to ask for help about how to conquer Justin Bieber’s love, pointing out the difference between modern and old-time methods. It has more than 5 million reproductions and more than 100.000 likes.

This is only one of the tricks to get active followers on Instagram, but we could also follow accounts that share the same interest as us, or commenting or liking shares of other active followers.

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