Stephanie Smith, Instagram Queen

Stephanie Smith is a young girl from Melbourne that joined Instagram five years ago just like any of us probably did. She wanted to upload things she randomly did to social media and share it with her friends or anyone else who followed her. What she didn’t expect was that she was going to become increasingly popular throughout the years and eventually have people recognize her on the street like a celebrity!

Stephanie Smith Picture taken from Stephanie Smith’s Instagram account.

Stephanie started uploading all sorts of pictures to her Instagram account, but she realized that the pictures people liked the most were those more directly related to her life: her dog, her workouts, pictures of her modelling sessions, etc. So she kept uploading these types of pictures, and with time she started gaining more and more followers. Until eventually she reached a million followers (which wasn’t too long ago), and she couldn’t believe it.

Today, she is usually recognized on the street and people even stop to speak to her, ask her for a picture and much more. Thanks to her Instagram fame and her modelling jobs, she has been able to buy her first house at the age of 23, which is someone she feels extremely lucky for. She’s worked very hard to be where she is now and she really deserves it! Also, she also claims that because of her Instagram fame, many brand wan her to promote their products, but she will never promote a product that she hasn’t tried beforehand and that she doesn’t like. So basically, if you ever see her promoting a product on her account, it’s because it’s a product she would actually use.

If you don’t know who she is, check out her Instagram account here!

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