Russian Model Risks Life For Picture

Viktoria Odintsova is a Russian model that became quite popular on Instagram. People have been talking about her recently for some photos she took, but not for the reasons you may imagine. They are probably one of the most risky pictures ever taken.

Viktoria Odintsova One of Viktoria Odintsova’s famous risky pictures.

People can go really far to get a certain amount of like. Odintsova basically risked her life for a few pictures that she would later upload on her Insatgram account. She went to the top of a 1000 foot tower in Dubai with another man (her assistant, the person who took the photographs) and clinged to his hand while she leaned backwards, almost as if she were falling off. There’s even a video someone took of the “making of” this picture, and it’s really hard to watch. A small slip can kill her.

Another pose she did for the pictures was literally hang from the tower, only holding on to her assistant’s arm. She could have also slipped from there and ended her life, accidents can happen to anyone! Lots of her followers admired the pictures, but many others were furious because of the fact that she risked her own life for that. She replied to these comments claiming that she didn’t expect anyone to try and imitate these pictures and, if they did, she would lose her faith in humanity.

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