Russian Hackers Used Britney’s Instagram

A few days ago, ESET discovered something quite big while working on an investigation. They seemed to have found out that a group of Russian hackers were using the comments section of Britney Spears’ Instagram pictures in order to communicate among themselves. It sounds like something from a movie, but it’s totally true!

britney spears An example of one of those comments on Britney’s profile.

Of course, the messages these hackers left weren’t obvious things. In fact, any normal user would read one of those comments and think it’s either spam or just a messy comment with weird hashtags (just as you can see in the image). There are many comments like that. However, ESET investigators confirmed that those comments are more than what they look like. They are, in fact, encoded web addresses.

The group of hackers seems to be known as Turla. They’re quite smart, but they’ve already been discovered. So, why would they use Britney’s Instagram account? Well, it’s simple. She has loads of traffic on her account, which implies loads of thousands of comments on her pictures. Because of that, it’s super easy to not be noticed among all those other users. But of course, professionals who look into these things can eventually find out.

However, just because they got caught now doesn’t mean they’ll stop. Plus,Turla is well-known for messing around wtih government-related cyberattacks. So we doubt they’ll give up easily.

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