Rich Pets of Instagram

Lots of people have pets, but not many people have pets that help them gain money, right? Well, thanks to Instagram, it’s actually possible to make a profit from your furry (or not so furry) companion! All you need to do is make them their own account and make it work. Sounds easy, but it takes some work. Today we’re going to give you some examples of famous Instagram pets that actually make cash.

toast instagram A picture of the lovely Toast.

The first one we wanted to show you guys is Rhea. This cute little bird became extremely popular on Instagram because… she has no feathers! She looks a little bit funny, but she’s super adorable and lots of people have decided to follow her because of that. She can make quite the cash from sponsored posts as well thanks to all the followers she has.

Toast makes about twice as much as Rhea, and she’s a super cute dog with a funny-looking tongue! It hangs out and gives her a very curious look because she has no teeth. And people just love her look!

Hamilton is definitely one of our favorites. He has even more followers, so he makes even more money on sponsored posts. But if you just take a quick look at his profile, you’ll see why he’s so charming. He’s got the best moustache in the world! He even has his own merchandise. Cool, huh?

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