Rich Instagram Dogs

There are many people on Instagram that make a living out of their account on that social network. Many famous examples are fashion blogs or makeup gurus. They get products from certain brands, they promote them in a smoothe way and they get paid for it. But what if we told you that there are lots of pets, specially dogs, that make thousands on this social network?

baby beckham A picture of Baby Beckham.

Just like people can be famous on Instagram, so can pets. Today we’re bringing you a few examples of dogs that make thousands of dollers for every post they make on Instagram. Obviously, they ones who make the income are the owner of the accounts. But the ones in the spotlight are them, not their owners!

Piggy and Polly and two famous french bulldogs that people have fallen in love with. They’re two super cute dogs with lovely pictures. The aesthetic is not very colorful, but very bright, and we know you’ll fall in love the moment you see them.

Another quite famous dog is Samson, from Brooklyn. This buddy is so cute you just can’t resist the urge to touch his adorable brown curls! He always looks super cheerful and his pics and will surely make your day with every post you see.

One of our personal favorites is Baby Beckham, and if you check out his profile you’ll see why. He’s a fluffy white dog with lots of energy and love that he transmits very well through his gorgeous pictures!

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