Plogging to get real active Instagram followers

How to take care of the environment by running and get real active Instagram followers

Instagram users usually share their hobbies on their account: pictures of them playing football, travelling, running or enjoying nature. Some of them have more than one hobby, but they practise them separately, share it on Instagram and get real active Instagram followers. But, if you love to go running and enjoy nature, you can combine your hobbies by running in natural places.

Unfortunately, our rubbish and contamination are filling our world; because of this problem, a new trend has been born in Sweden: the plogging.

Plogging consists in going running and pick up litter that you find on your way at the same time. It’s a method to enjoy the nature and help the environment to be preserved. People, who use the hashtag #plogging, get real active Instagram followers interested in this new method to enjoy nature.

Anna Antonia Selander practices and promotes the importance of practicing Plogging. She lives and practice Plogging on Koh Tao Island, enjoying the nature. She started a new challenge based on picking rubbish, Bin Bag Challenge, encouraging her followers to imitate her and nominate others followers to help the environment. Thanks of her initiative and plogging, she gets real active Instagram followers and helps the nature to be preserved. We share the challenge with you, and if you want to start with your friends just need to nominate at least 3 friends.

(I WHISH THIS WAS A JOKE)Out #plogging (picking rubbish when jogging, so "rubbishing" in english..hehe) BUT this is a CHALLENGE!😃🚮⬇️ Let's save the oceans, our earth- 1 bag at a time! 💪 Bin Bag Challenge – #binbagchallenge We all remember the famous and viral "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise awareness for the neurodegenerative disease ALS. Please help by collecting at least 1 single bag full of rubbish from the closest beach, coastline or even under water OR If you are not near the sea, you can also collect some rubbish in the nearby park. Like I did – go for a run and bring a plastic bag! 🤙#easypeasy Take a picture and post it and nominate at least 3 friends to follow your example and collect at least 1 bag of trash. #plogga #binbagchallenge Let’s make this viral and spread the message – 1 bag at a time… 💪🌍🌎🌏#BINBAGCHALLENGE I NOMINATE @paulasimonsphotography 🏖📷 @stcosta55 🌊@superruta ⛰ @naomistudnitz 🏖 @cafedelmarpanama🍝 🏝 @sannawestin4 ✈ @felcaz5 🌮 @vergarariera 🌃☕ @titofrez ✂️💇‍♀️💃@fredrikdexter🏃‍♂️🚵‍♂️ @daphneblosom 🏄‍♀️ @carolaarma🏃‍♀️ created this fantastic idea, cooperatipn with to take on that idea and start the "Bin Bag Challenge" to raise awareness about environmental pollution on our planet and especially in our #oceans – so to say a worldwide degenerative disease of our planet and therefore affecting EVERYONE ! #savetheplanet #dykkingithailand #bansdiving #kohtao #earth #cleanup #running #scubadiving #planetearth #trash #jogging #löpning #ja #vegan @plogga

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Daniel Knabäck practices Plogging also, but he usually does it with his friends. They want to help the environment of Sweden to be preserved. Thanks to their initiative, they get more than 6 bags of rubbish when they go running. They are the proof that Plogging really works and that it can help you to get real active Instagram followers and at the same time help the environment.

So, if we use Instagram correctly, we can change the world and conserve the environment, and get real active Instagram followers

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