People transform their life to get active followers Instagram

Two guys transform their life to get active followers Instagram and become influencers

Fortunately, we live in a world where our differences make us unique. Although, unfortunately, some people don’t understand that our differences and variety don’t make us a strange bug or a geek. We need our differences, they are part of the evolution and the differences between us and other species. For this reason, some people are learning to love themselves and to get active followers Instagram thanks to their emotional posts and pictures.

We have many examples, but this time we will talk you about a little boy and an actor. They are two great examples of the struggle with the adversities of life and how you can get active followers Instagram.

Our first example is the young boy Madden. He is a little boy of 7 years old that suffers bullying at school because he had harelip and heterochromia. Even when he operated his lip, he continued suffering bullying for this eyes.

No school = snuggles all day 💕

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One day, his mother, Christina, founded a special cat when she searched of animal shelters on the Internet. She founded a little cat with harelip and heterochromia. They get enough money to travel hundreds of kilometers and adopted their new cat, Moon. Now, they have their own Instagram’s account, and thee show to the world how happy Madden and Moon are.

Our second example is Jeffrey Kendall. He is a young actor of 26 years old that changed his life. He was overweight and depressed because his mother had a dangerous brain injury. After losing his girlfriend, he followed the advice of one of his friends: he started to practice yoga and to walk. A few months later, he had lost more than thirty kilos.

When he posted his new pictures, he started to get active followers Instagram. Their new followers loved his new physical appearance, as he looked like a Prince Charming. And Jeffrey is working now as a model and actor.

They are a great examples about how you can get active followers Instagram if you love yourself.


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