People ask us: Where to buy real Instagram followers

We give the solution to the question that our readers ask to us: Where to buy real Instagram followers?


Since we posted about the importance of having real followers, people ask us where to buy real Instagram followers. Why do we need to buy real Instagram followers? Because you musn’t buy unreal followers: they don’t give you likes, they don’t leave you comments and they don’t repost your publications. So, are they real followers? Do they serve to attract followers?

Fake comments on Instagram

Fake comments on Instagram

No, they don’t serve to attract followers. Because when you are looking for new profiles to follow, you usually select followers that will give you likes, will leave you comments or will repost your publication. So, if you want to promote your account and become a model, an actor or instagrammer, you need real followers who help you to promote your account. But the question is: where to buy real Instagram followers?

Maybe, if you have enough money, you can buy on the websites where famous buy their real Instagram followers. Although, these websites are very expensive, you pay about one thousand of dollars for each follower. What kind of followers do they sell? They sell accounts of instagrammers and celebrities, that want to connect with other famous and instagrammers.

Unfortunately, these websites are very exclusive and you need about one million of followers to access to instagrammers’ accounts, and be famous to access celebrities’ accounts.

Example of bad pages to buy real followers

Example of bad pages to buy real followers

So, we recommend to use pages as our page or Insta4likes. In our case, we use real followers that leave you comments according to your posts or photos, or if you prefer, they repost your post and mention your account. They are real people that work to help you improve your Instagram account. In the case of Insta4likes, they work like us. Of course, our prices might be a bit higher than other pages, but you pay for a personalized service and without bots.

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