New Positive Instagram Trend

Instagram has had a big amount of body-related trends in the past years, and the majority of them were heavily critisized. But today we’re going to be talking about the latest trend that also seems to be body-positive. No idea what we’re talking about yet? Read on!

hip dip instagram An example of what a hip-dip is. Taken from @boaforma.

Some of you have probably heard of previous Instagram trends like the thigh-gap, holding coins on your collar bone, putting your arm around your whole waist or the ribcage bragging. There are many more similar to those, of course. But those are some of the main ones. They were obviously critisized because they make other people feel bad about their body if they don’t have or can’t do some of those trends. For example, many girls have felt bad about their bodies for not having a thigh gap. They can feel fat, overweight, without being any of that. And even if they were, having a thigh gap shouldn’t be an objective. It totally depends on your bone structure and not on your body fat.

However, this new trend called the hip-dip is being cheered. It’s basically what it sounds like and what you can see in the picture. Millions of people have hip-dips. They’re normal, they’re nothing to be ashamed about. And thanks to body-positive influencers, they’ve made this a new trend. Let’s hope that Instagram trends keep going down this road!

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