Most Liked Pictures on Instagram

Recently, Instagram’s been analyzing the pictures with the most likes in this past year. And we can clearly say 2016 has a female name written all over it. What if we told you that the 10 most liked pictures on Instagram are almost all of the same user? Well, believe it or not, that’s true! And we think it’s insane.

selena instagram One of Selena’s most liked pictures of Instagram.

8 of the 10 most liked pictures on Instagram in this past year are from Selena Gomez, uploaded onto her official Instagram account. Although this famouse actress and singer has been batling a disease, anxiety and depression, she seems to have managed to be queen of Instagram for 2016. It’s impossible to claim that she managed that by trying too hard, because it’s quite obvious she’s also been very busy with other things such as her own issues (she’s apparently been going to special treatments), so it’s not like she could dedicate a lot of time to Instagram. She got all those likes basically for being herself, which is also proof of the huge fanbase she’s got behind supporting her all the way. And that must be really amazing for her.

The other two most liked pictures that aren’t from Selena Gomez are from Cristiano Ronaldo. And we’re pretty sure almost nobody expected that! In fact, lots of people thought Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian would be in the top ranking, but not really. Did you expect these results? We sure didn’t!

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