Minimodels of Instagram

We’re pretty sure you’re all used to seeing adult models here and there all over Instagram. No matter where you look, you’ll probably see a Kardashian, Gigi Hadid or random fashion bloggers that to part-time modelling as well. But what if we told you that there are kids even below the age of 10 that also model? Well, believe it or not, it’s true!

haileigh Picture taken from Haileigh’s Instagram account.

An example of one of these child models is Haileigh Vasquez. She is only seven years old and she has thousands of Instagram followers that are totally in love with her fashion sense. Her mother started her Instagram account when she was only three years old by uploading a picture of her in a really fashionable green dress and sunglasses. She looked like a small adult, and people loved it!

There are others out there, even boys, like Gavin Duh. He’s the typical little girl heartbreaker that looks incredibly cute in every single picture he’s in. However, there are many people that are against these young models because they claim that by introducing them so deeply into the fashion world, you’re also taking away their young years of carelessness and “fun”. In some way that is true, it’s nto very normal for a seven year old to love Dolce & Gabanna. Maybe parents should be a little bit more careful when managing these accounts and maybe not introduce their kids too much into the fashion world until they’re a bit older. What do you think?

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