Millionaires on Instagram

Instagram has all sorts of users on its platform, and a small group of those millions of users are millionaires. And most of those are very fond of showing their luxurious lifestyle publicly without a care in the world. Today we’re going to take a quick peek at some of these accounts to see how they live.

Floyd Mayweather instagram Picture of Floyd Mayweather.

Our first account is Tiffany Trump, daughter of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. She shares pictures of her luxurious lifestyle without a care in the world. Expensive parties, boats, shopping… basically, all you can imagine in a rich American girl lifestyle.

The famous boxer Floyd Mayweather is also part of this group. His Instagram is full of pictures of private parties, jets, expensive wristwatches… He even takes pictures with stacks of money. That’s a little bit shoving it in our faces, right? But, of course, they’re ree to do as they please, it’s their money.

And last, but not least, Dorothy Wang. She’s not only famous because she’s rich, but because she’s been on the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (because she’s rich, of course!). Her money comes from her family, and she also loves to show they world how expensive her lifestyle is. She almost has a million followers on her Instagram account. That’s insane.



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