Michael Jackson’s Daughter Inspired Instagram

Being a celebrity on Instagram implies reaching thousands or even millions of people with every single picture or video you post on your account. Some can be quite a bad influence without realizing it, others can be quite the inspiration. Paris Jackson, daughter of the famous King of Pop Michael Jackson, is definitely the latter. One of her most recent posts on Instagram has left everyone shocked but in love at the same time.

paris jackson instagram Picture uploaded by Paris Jackson.

Paris Jackson recently a topless picture of herself on her Instagram account. But not just any topless picture, not the kind that you can find on an almost daily basis on Instagram. It’s actually quite a nice picture in fact, not sexualized at all. But that’s not the point. The most important part of the picture is the caption that goes with it. She explained in her own words to her audience how she feels about nudity, and it’s extremely inspiring.

She considers that the body is a temple, it’s something sacred that we all have, no matter what flaws it may come with, and we should respect it, value it and love it. She also feels that nudity helps connect with nature, with mother earth, with the world around us and at our feet. It’s definitely worth a read, it can change your perspective regarding the whole subject.

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