Marion Cotillard, Plastic Surgery?

Actress Marion Cotillard uploaded 3 sets of pictures onto her Instagram profile and her followers were quite shocked at first. Many people thought she had gotten a really bad lip job because, as we all know, most Hollywood celebrities get plastic surgery constantly. So we’re all pretty used to having one famous individual look a certain way one day and totally different the next. Remember Lindsay Lohan?

marion cotillard instagram One of the pictures Marion Cotillard uploaded to Instagram that made people think she got plastic surgery.

However, there was something special about these photo sets: their captions. Those who read “To be…”, “…or not to be…” and “…Rock’n’roll” easily realized that she was referring to the new movie she is starring called Rock’n Roll by Guillaume Canet. Basically, what she has done on her lips is part of her role in the movie, so we can assume it’s nothing permanent and that she didn’t get her lips filled for the same reason other celebrities have done it.

Cotillard has always been very private about her life and all she does in general, but these posts are a fun way to play with her fans and also a great way to promote her new movie. Of course, there are still lots of people still commenting on her pictures thinking she got plastic surgery and not reading previous comments or the photo captions, for that matter. But that’s something we all expect from impulsive users on social media. Let’s just hope she goes back to her natural lips, Marion Cotillard’s face was definitely something unique in Hollywood!

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