Kim Comes Back in 2017

We’re all preparing ourselves for all the surprises Instagram is going to probably bring us this new 2017. But we’ve already started the year with quite a big surprise! It seems that although everyone thought Kim Kardashian was gone for good from Instagram, one of the first things she did this new year was upload a picture to her account!

kim kardashian instagram Picture of Kim and her family, looking very united.

It’s been about three months since Kim Kardashian had that big “issue” in Paris that eventually led her to quit Instagram. For those of you who might not have heard about it, she was going to attend the Paris Fashion Week. Because she uploaded every single thin she was doing and where she was at almost every moment to her Instagram account, someone stalked her content and managed to rob her in Paris.

She obviously got very scared and lost trust in uploading things to Instagram. Instead of moderating her content and uploading things in non-real time, she just decided to quit altogether. Also, rumors have started to grow regarding her relationship with Kanye, claiming they were thinking about getting a divorce.

However, these rumors seem to be untrue, and she also seems to have gotten her Instagram fear. Her latest picture is a picture of her and her family, which clearly shows they are happier than ever. But we really do hope she’s learned her lesson on uploading content and controlling her privacy on Instagram.

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