Kendall Jenner Shut Her Instagram

Thousands of users have tried to visit Kendall’s Instagram account today but they found nothing. Apparently, the Kardashian model closed her Instagram without prior notice, so everyone is pretty much confused.

kendall jenner Picture of Kendall Jenner, taken from ElHeraldo.

Everyone is trying to guess why Kendall decided to shut down her account. Some people are saying that this is due to the robbery Kim suffered a few weeks back in Paris. People have told them that by uploading so much information on their Instagram accounts, they’re providing millions of people with personal information that could be used against them. So, of course, many followers consider this is a security measure to protect herself.

Other people think that this has to do with the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She might have closed her Instagram acount in order to focus on much more important things (and also for security, who knows!). Maybe even the Kardashians get tired of uploading their entire life 24/7 on social media. Because that really is tiring.

What we’re trying to say is that this IG shutdown might just be temporary. Who knows, she might reopne her acount after a few days or weeks. And we’ve got to do is wait, because there’s probably a really solid reason behind her actions.

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