Kardashians gain active followers

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian gain active followers with their new publications

Kardashian are news every week. Sometimes due to controversies and other times due to their social actions. Anyway, they are the most famous family of all social media and TV. For this reason, when they have a new publication, they gain active followers.

This time, they are news due to various reasons.

Kim and Kourtney because of their vacations on Turks and Caicos. They show their followers how they can enjoy the English island. Of course, with their pictures in bikini and enjoying the beach, they gain active followers. For example, Kim gains more than ten thousand of followers in only five days. While Kourtney gains only four thousand of followers. But both obtain more than one million of likes on their publications about their vacations.


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In the case of Khloé, she has recently given birth to girl with her family by her side in Cleveland. Thanks to that, she can gain active followers that want to see the face of her littler girl. But, until now, she doesn’t share on Instagram any publications about her littler daughter. It looks like that she is waiting to introduce her to the followers when they have forgotten the new controversy.

We are ready whenever you are little mama 🦋

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What controversy? His boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, was seen kissing another woman in a nightclub a few days ago. He was recorded kissing the waitress at a strip bar. Everything points to the instagramer and the waitress/model Lani Blair. Kardashian’s family defends that it was the girl who kissed him. Maybe is it a strategy to gain active followers? What is clear, that her followers have grown a lot in a few days. Lani has taken the opportunity to make her account private, and gain more than thirty thousand of followers in only five days.

Khloé has also taken advantage to post a new picture with his boyfriend. Thanks to this picture, she gains more than fifteen thousand of followers in only five days.

They are a great example about how celebrities take advantage to gain active followers with any situation.

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