Justin Bieber is Back on Instagram

Back in August of 2016, Justin Bieber quit Instagram because of a small fight with his fans on that platform and Selena Gomez as well. His fans weren’t very happy about his new girlfriend when he posted a picture of them on his account, and the comments section was full of negativity. He told his fans that if they didn’t change their attitude, he would shut down his account… and so he did.

instagram justin bieber Video preview of the video Justin Bieber uploaded to Instagram after coming back.

But now he’s back, he reopened his account one again several months after that. However, it seems to be for commercial reasons, since his first post after that is an ad of himself for T-Mobile that was played at the Super Bowl. So probably business forced him to open his account again.

Maybe his fans have calmed down during these few months he was on an Instagram detox, so if he gets less negativity, he might be willing to upload the content he used to. Either way, what’s important is that he’s back just like many other celebrities that quit Instagram last year for a few months. Maybe everyone needs some Instagram detox every once in a while!

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