Jenna Johnson’s post receives lots of real Instagram comments.

The American professional ballroom dancer recently posted photos of herself giving a cute kiss and a hug to her little brother, in which caption she asked for prayers due to the recent events in Mexico.

Mexico was struck by an earthquake last 7th September, just a few days ago, and it caused great panic, not only in Mexico, but worldwide. It caused a lot of damage and Instagram came filled with pictures of families looking for their beloved ones who went missing because of the earthquake, and decided to seek help through this Social Media Network. And it seems to have worked! Hundreds of photographs received lots of real Instagram comments from other people helping with the search or leaving prayers.

After the earthquake, people post thousands of real instagram comments

This is what happened to Jenna Johnson, who lost track of one of her dear brothers after this catastrophe, as he happened to be in Mexico at the moment. Quickly, the dancer posted some pictures with a caption asking her followers to pray for the health of everyone affected by the earthquake, and with a special mention to her brother who was at the epicenter at the moment.

Even though her baby brother himself doesn’t have Instagram, in just a few minutes, the post received thousands of likes and over 300 comments on Instagram, as a sign of support to the dancer, her brother, their family and everyone else affected.

Fortunately, Johnson, and her family, got news from the boy just two days later, the 9th of September, as Us Weekly announced, who also openly was very grateful for all the real Instagram support comments.

But not only Jenna Johnson asked for prayers on Instagram, other celebrities, like Ariana Grande, and even Ricky Martin, showed their support. Martin even found himself in Mexico DC at the moment of happening, together with Megan Fox.

And even today, there are still some people missing, others have even passed, and almost everyone has lost their homes to the most devastating earthquake that has shook the country in the last hundred years. So, let’s all leave some Instagram comments, to show our support to all those who have suffered.

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