J-Lo “Accidentally” Posts Pic on Instagram?

Jennifer Lopez has been very quiet about her persona life lately, although there are always rumors about everyone when you’re famous. It’s something you’ve got to live with. If you’re a celebrity and you leave your house, someone’s going to be watching you and paying attention to every move you make!

jennifer lopez instagram Picture taken from J-Lo’s official Instagram.

The website Page Six recently found out that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, ex baseball player, went on vacation to the Bahamas together. So obviously, some rumor spread that they were in a relationship although none of them said anything about it or posted anything on social media.

However, J-Lo uploaded a picture of both of them laying on what seemed like a bed. It was a low-quality selfie style picture, but she deleted it a while after. People assumed it was a mistake and she never meant to upload a picture of them together. In fact, lots of online portals are talking about this mistake. But how much of a mistake is it, really? It’s not that “easy” to upload a picture onto Instagram. And we’re not saying you need to be a rocket scientist, but it does take a few clicks during the upload process; it’s not just one button. So we’re quite doubtful whether it was an accident or not. It could easily be some sort of “publicity stunt” to get people to notice her persona again, feed the gossip, etc. After all, it’s Hollywood, so anything is possible for fame!

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