Interesting Non-Celebrity Instagrams

Most blogs, inluding ourselves, tend to recommend lots of Instagrams for you to follow, and in many cases those blogs are owned by celebrities or just really famous people. However, today we want to show you some new ones that aren’t owned by anyone we could consider a celebrity per se, but are pretty famous and really interesting.

andrew knapp Picture taken from Andrew Knapp’s official account.

The first one we came across is UberFacts. The name of the account pretty much says it all. The things they upload aren’t just photographs of things, but most images are ones with text explaining really interesting facts. So basically, every time you check you Instagram you can learn something totally new!

Andrew Knapp is definitely another one of our favorites. This guy loves travellign around the world with his dog, and the pictures are just beyond amazing. The moment you check out this feed for half a minute you’ll be wanting to hop on their car and go on a roadtrip with them. We sure do, at least!

Another really curious Instagram account is Woody. When reading that name you might think of Woody from Toy Story, right? Well, it’s him! The person who runs this account takes pictures of Woody and some other pals doing different things. It’s really interesting and we know you’ll love it!

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