Interesting Influencers to Follow

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram that dedicate their accounts to different things. Today we’re going to be naming some of the most interesting ones we found so you can check them out! They’re varied accounts with different themes so you can see a little bit of everything.

instagram goodlife Picture uploaded on Farokh Sarmad’s advertising agency Instagram account.

Jessenia Vice is a pretty well-known Instagrammer in the world of fitness. She’s got almost 200,000 followers and she’s known for fighting past her obesity issues as a child as well as surviving a very abusive relationship in the past that almost ended her life. Her account is quite the inspiration of thousands of people around the world.

Farokh Sarmad is definitely a celebrity on Instagram. This guy’s a young Instagram star that appeared on Forbes and many other important platforms thanks to his work. Apart from his main account, he’s got another one for his advertising agency, which has over a million followers (his normal account, as you might have seen, has around 120,000). He’s obviously one of the Instagram influencers that gets payed the most!

Tonio Skits is also quite the interesting Instagrammer. He’s reached over 1 million followers as well, and his world is comedy. He has even been on TV on the show Wild N’ Out from MTV. He lives off what he earns as an influencer, and thanks to this fame he also gets invited to host or just assist important events. Wouldn’t it be awesome to start living as a celebrity because of what you post on social media? It must be an amazing experience.

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