Instagram Was Too Much For Selena Gomez

Many people think that being a popular celebrity is like a dream, you live the life you want to with lots of money and fans. But this month’s Vogue had a very interesting interview with Selena Gomez, currently the queen of Instagram, that shows us how hard it can actually be and how many mental issues it can actually bring to someone.

selena gomez instagram Picture uploaded by Selena on her official Instagram account.

Selena Gomez has been a star since she was relatively young. She started at Barney & Friends and then jumped onto the Disney Channel train. She has had to deal with quite some stress since she was young, but becoming the most followed user on Instagram doesn’t help at all, as cool as it may sound. She admits she became too focused and addicted to the app, she was too concerned about it. As she became more adult, she also started having anxiety issues during her concerts (before going onstage or afterwards), she felt like she was somehow letting her fans down; she wasn’t feeling like she was enough for them.

Some time ago, she uploaded a picture of herself thrown onto the floor of a stage at a concert. After that, she disappeared for 3 months. During that period of time, she went into some sort of therapy where she spent 3 months with only 6 girls who had their own issues and didn’t care at all about who Selena was. She claims this experience was very difficult for her but it helped her recover a lot.

She likes to show her fans her real self, how she’s just a normal human being, and how being famous doesn’t make you invincible. In fact, it can make you much more vulnerable.

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