Instagram Users Seem Annoyed at Beckham?

Brooklyn Beckham, David Beckham’s son, got his first tattoo recently and posted about it on Instagram. But the moment we check out the comments people were leaving, we realized he was getting a lot of hate. But why?

brooklyn beckham tatto Brooklyn Beckham’s new tattoo.

The tattoo he got is the head of a Native American indian with the traditional headpiece. It seems as a sort of tribute to his father, as it is similar to David’s first tattoo that he got back in 1999 when his son was born. We think it’s a lovely detail, since in Brooklyn’s case it would be a tribute plus the beginning of his adult life. It seems simple, right? So why would people go crazy over this?

Well, apparently many people started commenting things about cultural appropriation, how it was absurd to get that tattooed if he didn’t know who the indian man was, etc. He obviously just ignored the comments and went on with the tattoo until he posted a final picture of it, but is it really necessary to get triggered over something like that?

Brooklyn Beckham has always proved to be a great kid, specially on social media. We think it’s a little bit unfair that he’s getting so much negativity over something that probably means a lot to him and that he will nderstand more than any of us will. Don’t you think?

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