Instagram Updates Web Version

Once again, Instagram has a huge new update to surprise us and make us love them even more. They’ve just modified the mobile and desktop web version in an amazing way. Before they were both quite limited, but now you can do many more things… even upload pictures!

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The point of this update is to have more people access the platform. Maybe someone doesn’t have a phone that’s good enough to have Instagram, or maybe they just don’t want to. Well, no problem! You can use the desktop web version to check it anywhere you want. And if you want to upload a picture, you can do it from the mobile web version!

The Explore feature has also been added, so you can literally use Instagram almost the same exact way as you would on your phone. Before, rarely anyone used the web version at all. Because… why would they, right? But now it’s so useful it’s not just going to be used by people who can’t or don’t want to download the app, but also by those who don’t have their phones with them, for example! You still can’t check stories, filters or private messages, but who knows. Maybe we’ll have another surprise in a few months! They’re updating faster than ever lately, you never know what they’ll bring us next.

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