Instagram Screenshot Notifications… Rumor?

Instagram has had quite some big updates lately where they integrated Instagram stories that disappear in 24 hours, live videos, and disappearing private messages (pictures and video). With the last update, a rumor started spreading that if you took a screenshot of something someone posted on Instagram, they would get a notification. But is that totally true?

instagram Picture taken from Vogue.


Instagram had to clarify this since people were going crazy and got no explanation. The only time when a user gets a notification of someone screenshooting their things is if they’ve sent them via private message. So basically, if a friend sends you a disappearing picture or video through private messages and you decide to take a screenshot of that, they will know. They won’t get a notification for anything else. This seems pretty logical because if you send a picture or video that can only be seen twice, it’s for a reson, right? So maybe you might actually want to know if that person took a screenshot.

What everyone surely agrees on is that Insatgram should be much more clear on what each update includes, so these rumors don’t start and everyone begins getting confused. Either way, we were sure there was an explanation behind this, Instagram always has solid reasons for every change they make on their app.

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