Instagram Offline Options

Instagram just never stops! They’re constantly looking for new ways to make their app better and better every time. You can’t say they ever abandon the app because they work on it day after day, and it’s quite admirable. One of the most recent things they’ve mentioned is the future option Instagram will have to use it while you don’t have internet connection.

instagram Picture taken from Instagram’s official Instagram account.

There’s barely any information on this new future update though. We don’t know how it will work exactly, what features will be included, etc. But what we do know is that the team behind Instagram is working on it. The objective is not only to be able to use the app whenever you don’t have internet connection, but it’s also so that people who live in countries with bad internet connection or barely any at all can experience the fun of Instagram without being limited by something like that.

It sounds really insteresting, and we wonder how they’re going to manage to do something like that. But the main idea is wonderful! A conference will be held in the near future where this idea will be explained with more details, so maybe after that we’ll be able to discover and learn exactly how this offline mode for Instagram is going to work.

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