Instagram Integrates Live Videos

Instagram just never ceases to amaze us with their constant updates. It’s not like we get an update a month, sometimes we get several updates in a month. So what’s totally clear is that they work really hard to keep the app alive. And it sure is alive alright!

instagram live streaming Picture taken from Tech Crunch.

Instagram gets more and more users every day, and it’s all thanks to how well they take care of the app. Today we’re bringing you two recent new updates that you can see on your Android or iOS device: live videos and disappearing pictures/videos. The live videos are literally broadcasts you put up on your Instagram story, but what everyone sees is live. And nobody can see a replay after. They’ll only see what you stream the moment you stream it and that’s it.

Also, if you want to send a picture of video to your closest friends, you can send them disappearing ones, that will be gone after the recipient opens them two times. Interesting, right? It’s like they’re mixing a little bit of every social netowkr and/or app and making a whole new world inside Instagram. This is actually pretty convenient because that way people would only have to use one app for everything. However, it can be quite annoying for developers of all those other apps out there.

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