Instagram Accounts to Refresh Your Feed

We all like following our friends on Instagram, and some celebrities here and there, but sometimes following the same people for a reaaaally long time can get a little bit boring, because we end up seeing the same content over and over again. So today we want to show you some new Instagram accounts we’ve come across that you might enjoy following.

Biddy the Hedghog Biddy the Hedghog.

An account we immediately fell in love with was Biddy the Hedgehog. This lovely hedgehog travels around different places and his owners take the cutest pictures of him. Sadly, he passed away due to a disease, but we still totally recommend checking out this cute little guy’s Instagram account!

Junanto Herdiawan is by far one of the most original accounts we’ve come across so far. His pictures are super original because in all of them he seems to be flying! Or hovering, it depends. But they are totally cool and we’re pretty sure you’re going to like them. So make sure to follow him if you want to see a flying man travelling the world.

The Danish photographer Morten Nordstrom is also something very unique. His pictures definitely look like something that are from out of this world. It almost looks like you’re in a totally different dimension! They are super original and have beautiful colors, although not super bright (in a good way). Check it out and see it for yourselves!

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