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Nowadays, the terms Instagram and influencer are inseparable, and therefore we have to exceed high numbers of followers, as 100.000, as it is from that number that we can consider someone as a famous influencer.

Being an instagrammer and having lots of followers is a synonym for influencer, and we all aspire to become one. It’s not enough having just a thousand followers, we need to exceed the magic number of 100.000 followers to get our profile the visits it needs and become and influence for our environment. And not only the number of 100.000 followers, but they need to be real followers from all around the world, and the best way to get them is using Real Followers Instagram App, which allows us to link to people all around.

But why is being an influencer so interesting? Usually, your name will get some fame, you might get free samples to try out as long as you post on your profile about it, as you “influence” all your followers, and this way inspire them to obtain the same product, and you can even earn money with publicity.

As an example, we set the famous Selena Gomez, who has 127 million followers; a number that is possible thanks to her fame as a singer and her thousands of fans. Thanks to this, we find in her posts publicity for some brands of clothing, handbags and even sodas.

And even though we don’t have the fame necessary to obtain such a large number of followers, there are various apps we can use to obtain real Instagram followers and that way we get attention of other new followers.

Selena is a goal we may not reach without being famous, but as a start to become like her we need followers in the first place. And besides the apps we have been talking about, it is also important to have a catching profile, and even YouTube channels, as for example Lilly Singn, better known as IISuperwomanII on YouTube. Her videos started with some simple parodies in 2010, but she even got to star some films since 2014.

She is a clear example of the career of fame we can get with effort, even though her case is based on YouTube, with Instagram we can get the same results, just starting with a Real Followers Instagram App.

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