How to Make the Most of Instagram Slideshow

Instagram’s new feature, Slideshow, allows you to upload up to 10 pictures or videos at the same time as part of the same post. Today we’re going to give you a few ideas as to what type of content goes really good with this new tool that they have implemented. Maybe it’ll give you some awesome ideas for your own account!

too faced instagram Picture uploaded by Too Faced Cosmetics.

A great way to use this new Slideshow feature is to show a step by step “how to” of something. It could be DIY arts and crafts, so you don’t have to upload a collage of several images that are way too small to even see properly. We’ve also seen this for makeup tutorials, which is also a very awesome idea. Each picture can be a different step through a whole look you’re trying to show your followers. So if you’ve got a makeup-related account or just want to show your followers how you do your makeup, this idea is pretty original.

Some brands or stores have used the Slideshow feature to ask people for their opinion on something, like which new logo design they prefer for a new product. Some other stores or brands have displayed the new season’s articles, so instead or uploading several pictures of the new stuff, you’ve got it all nice and neat in one post!

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