Getting Over Instagram Addiction and Anxiety

Nowadays everyone owns an Instagram account, Twitter account or Facebook account. It’s normal, it’s how most people communicate nowadays. However, the majority of users tend to fall into what seems to be an unavoidable emotional trap with these webs or apps, but it’s important to know the difference between real life and social media.

selena gomez Photo of Selena Gomez, recently uploaded to her official Instagram account.

Selena Gomez isn’t only the queen of Instagram, but a very famous celebrity who admitted becoming very addicted to Instagram. She eventually recovered from this, even though she still deletes the app a few times a week from her phone, and now she wants all of her followers and fans to know that being addicted to Instagram will never be a good thing.

Many of us probably went through some moments where we upload a picture and it doesn’t receive too many likes and we start wondering what is wrong with the picture, why people don’t like it. And even if we upload a very successful picture, it can still be “unhealthy” for us. When we receive positive feedback on our social media, we create dopamine. And since we’re constantly using social media, we’re constantly produce (excess) dopamine. This means our brain is basically much more excited than it should be, and that can be why we take negative feedback or “no likes” on pictures much worse. This is all a vicious cycle that eventually creates an addiction.

What Selena wants her fans to know is that our personal achievements and how we feel about ourselves can never be determined by social media, because it’s not a representation of reality 100%. And honestly, that’s some pretty good advice.

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