Geolocated Instagram Stories

Instagram never ceases to amaze us with their constant updates. One of the most recent ones we’re being given now is geolocalization on our Instagram stories. And you might be thinking that we could already do that by adding the geotag… but it’s a little different now.

instagram stories Set of images taken from Instagram’s official Blg.

Now you can got o the Explore tab and search for a certain location and see all the Instagram stories with that geotag. Of course, the user who posted said story has to add said tag, or else it won’t appear. You can also add hashtags over your stories, so that way people can search for a hashtag on the Explore tab and your Instagram story with that hashtag will come up.

It’s a really new interesting way to “promote” your stories and make them have more visibility outside of your range of followers. Lots of people, specially those with not too many followers, who post stories usually only get views from their followers. But this way, they can increase their potential public! Smart idea Instagram, they just never let us down!

So remember to add the geolocation tag and/or a hashtag to your next Instagram story so it can be promoted in the Explore tab and have to people be able to check it out!

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