Fathers get Instant Instagram Comments

Instagram is an open book for all kinds of rarities, what allows people to become famous whenever they post something funny or ridiculous, guaranteeing Instant Instagram Comments.

Thanks to Instagram a lot of people are leaving anonymity behind, becoming very well known. Some of them did this posting recipes or shots or shots of Delicious meals, which made them get lots of Instant Instagram Comments, while others chose posting cool travels. But not everyone decided to get known with these more serious shots.

This is the case of Burr Martin, an American dad who saw his daughter, Cassie Martin, posting sexy photos on Instagram, and instead of forbidding it, he decided to imitate his beloved daughter. He even copies her tattoos with a pen, her piercings and all the sexy poses and mirror selfies, getting Instant Instagram Comments.


Without a doubt, a very cool dad! Even the little one, Austin Martin, has been imitated by daddy as a tribute to his birthday.

Happy birthday to my boy @awstinmartin ! You're a bigger man than I. #selfiedad #selfieson

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Another dad we could talk about is Ash Mills, with funny posts but with a more serious goal. He’s the dad of the Australian little gymnast Alex Mills, and together they are known as β€œMy Gym Dad”. It all began when Ash, as a sign of support to his little princes, acquired all kinds of gymnastics materials for his daughter so she could practice whenever she wanted. And then, also to cheer his daughter, he started imitating the exercises she would do, although not nearly as good, having as result funny moments, which they posted online, and they went viral, getting Instant Instagram Comments already on the first post.

As we speak, after lots and lots of practice, falling and the support they would get after each video thanks to the Instant Instagram Comments they received, Ash has become and amateur gymnast on the social media. He still imitates his little girl, but now he is famous and he has become a lot better, although the falling and silly movements are still present in each video.

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