Fashion Clones Locator on Instagram

As obvious as it may seem, luxury brands have really expensive clothing. If we’re a standard person with a standard income, we honestly can’t afford these sort of items. However, there is a more accesible way to obtain them, although they might not be exactly the same clothing.

instagram fashion Example of the type of pictures Rosa H uploads onto her account.

Buying clothes from Emporio Armani or Prada can be hard our wallets, but did you know that you can purchase very similar items in other stores that are much cheaper such as Zara or Mango? Since the items are very similar, they have been accused many times of plagiarism, but they always find a way to defend themselves. As they say, the catwalks are mainly for inspiration, so they create clothing inspired in these really expensive brands.

The account Rosa H is dedicated exclusively to collect images of luxury clothing and find their “cheaper copy” from other stores. It’s really interesting to see how similar they can really be! Although in many other cases, you can tell it really is just a piece of clothing inspired by another one. We really recommend checking it out. Would you consider it plagiarism?

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