Famous relatives of famous gain real followers on Instagram

Grandchildren and children of famous gain real followers on Instagram thanks to their fame

Most of the celebrities of the world have become famous thanks to their hard work to get to stardom. Celebs usually live in mansions and faraway of public scandals. They build their lives around the fame they have managed to achieve. In the current times, they use their fame to gain real followers on Instagram.

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Their children become famous as soon as they are born, and their life becomes public. In the same way it happens to their grandchildren. For this reason, some children and grandchildren of celebrities has decided to gain real followers on Instagram thanks to their fame.

Therefore, we are going to talk to you about celebrity children and grandchildren, and how they take advantage of their fame to gain real followers on Instagram.

Our first example is Paris Hilton. The American businesswoman has got a great fortune thanks to her fame for being the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton. The same happens with her sister, Nicky Hilton. Both gain real followers on Instagram thanks to their fame: Nicky has more than one million of followers and Paris has more than eight million of followers. All thanks to their ancestors.

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Our second example is Paris-Michael Jackson. She is the daughter of Michael Jackson. She is starting to work as an actress, but she is famous thanks to her father, Michael Jackson. Thanks to that, she gains real followers on Instagram.


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Our third example and last example is Jack Schlossberg. Maybe you don’t know who he is, but he is starting to become famous as an actor in Blue Bloods. He has needed to fight to become an actor, although he is the son of Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s daughter. He doesn’t use his fame of his family to become famous and fights for reaching his place in Hollywood. He only has seventeen thousand of followers on Instagram.

Now you know how the relatives of celebrities use Instagram and how they gain real followers on Instagram.

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