Does Kardashian buy 100 real Instagram followers?

People ask us: Do Kardashians buy 100 real Instagram followers every time they post?

Instagram is a potential social media to celebs that want to show their personal life. That is exactly what Kardashian’s family does. They like to post different parts of their personal lives: birthdays, travels, births, parties or fashions. Their lives are public and part of Instagram. For this reason, they recur to buy 100 real Instagram followers every time they post.

For example, recently Kim Kardashian has posted a post congratulating Kanye West for his birthday. Well, if we looked at her followers 3 days ago, we can see that she had one hundred five million of followers. But, when she posted, her followers increased by two millions of followers. It is a proof that Kim usually decides to buy 100 real Instagram followers when she is going to post some news.

The same has happened yesterday. Kim had one hundred eight million of followers and a few hours before to post, she decided to buy a 100 real Instagram followers’ pack until to get one hundred twelve million of followers. What did she post that made her buy a lot of followers? She posted a picture on her bed with her little children and got more than three million of likes and more than fifteen thousand of comments.

Welcome to the good life…

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But she is not the only member of family Kardashian that decides to buy real Instagram followers. Her sister, Kendall Jenner, decided to buy real Instagram followers on June 8th, when she posted a new provocative photo. Her account arrived to June 7th with eighty eight million of followers, and the next day she had more than ninety one million of followers.


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Today we know that she decided to buy the 100 real Instagram followers’ packs, and thanks to that her post has more than six million of likes and sixty four thousand of likes. With this number, she overcomes her sister Kim on likes and comments in a only post.

That’s the answer to the question of a lot of people: Does Kardashian buy 100 real Instagram followers’ pack? They always buy before to post a new and important new about their life.

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