Does IG Make You Feel Bad About Your Body?

Instagram is a social platform full of accounts based on fitness, workout, yoga, and all types of physical activities. We could say that it’s basically the favorite platform for this kind of content. And most of us like to sometimes follow accounts with fitness content, or of any specific sport, in order to gain some motivation. However, sometimes Instagram’s algorithm can make us go from being inspired to losing motivation.

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This may make no sense at first, but it does. Instagram’s new algorithm comes with the new feature they added some while ago already, which is the explore feature. The kind of content that we’re going to see in the explore tab is related to the kind of content we “Like”. So if you start following yoga accounts and liking pictures related with this content, you’re going to get a lot of yoga on your explore tab. The same applies to any other kind of content.

So when we look for content to follow and os on that will inspire us in our journey to becoming fit and/or healthy, we might see ourselves inside a whole sea of pictures. Way more pictures or videos than we intended to see. This sort of spam that we start getting in our faces can lead us to not ever being happy about our bodies, and that eventually leads to bad self-esteem. Like everyone on Instagram is always going to be healthier and better-looking than you. But we have to bear in mind that lots of these images we see are full of photoshop, and we have to avoid having such spam of this content constently every time we open Instagram. It’s not healthy!

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