Creativeness on Instagram

There are thousands of different Instagram accounts out there, and even more created on a daily basis. But we’ve recently come across some Instagram accounts based mainly on creativeness, and they’re amazing. They’re artistic in their own unique way, and each one is pretty special.

samantha lee instagram And example of what Samantha Lee’s plates look like.

Payphones is quite an interesting account. The user of this Instagram captures the beauty of, as you can image, payphones. This form of communication is already obsolete, but it’s just beautiful to see how this person still moves around the world to take pictures of payphones and phone booths and make wonderful pictures of them.

Ida Frosk is known for uploading food pics onto her account. But not just any food pics! Check out her account and you’ll see what we’re talking about. She created art on every single plate, and we’re not saying that because she takes nice pictures of average dishes. She really makes her own paintings or drawings, but with food! Samantha Lee is also very similar to this one, but her style is pretty different. Basically because what she does with her plates started as a trick to get her daughter to eat!

Josh Hara is also a very interesting account to follow. He decided to make blank coffee cups his new canvas, so his pictures are basically his cartoon drawings on cups. And they are all truly amazing. We think accounts like this one are quite inspirational and might get more people to doodle around different places.

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