Charity to get fast follow Instagram

Let’s see an incredible case of how charity and Instagram together get fast follows Instagram.

Nowadays, the world isn’t the happy place it should be. Problems are everywhere, of every type, and hard to resolve

One of those problems are the pets. Although all of us usually love our furry friends, in some cases, animals are bought, and a few months later just abandoned on the streets.

But thankfully, there are people who care about these things, and help us to make this world a little better, meanwhile getting fast follows Instagram.

This is the case of pet shelters, places that help the abandoned pets to get a new life with a new family.

Not everyone knows where the nearest pet shelter is, so social media can help us to find it. Pet shelters can post on Instagram, for example, pictures of their little guests that can improve their accounts with fast follows Instagram and increase the opportunities of the pets to be adopted.

That was what the staff of Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando thought when they started to promote their puppies and kittens through a special campaign in which they are the protagonists of Pawgwarts, a reference to Hogwarts.

Pawgwarts is a campaign based on Harry Potter’s house of Hogwarts selection, so the pets are assigned to Ravenclaw if they have a great knowledge, to Slytherin if they have more ambition than other pets, to Hufflepuff if they are friendlier than others, or to Gryffindors if they are braver than others. The objective is that the people focus on the character of each animal and not on the breed.

This campaign increased very fast their follows on Instagram, the adoptions of their pets and the happiness of the new families of the puppies or kittens.

Now, they get everything they want, as people that come to their pet shelter, are focused on the character of each animal and adopt the perfect pet to their house according to Pawgwarts’ house. A beautiful campaign that started on Instagram and get fast follows on the pet shelters Instagram and all Internet.

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