Celebrities buy active followers Instagram in their wars

Celebrities need to buy active followers Instagram to get more followers in their fights

The life of a celebrity becomes public when he or she posts on Instagram or other social media. Some post their whole lives, including diseases; others prefer to post their hobbies or their family. Others prefer to post their love. But when love finishes, it becomes an authentic social media war to become more influencer than the other celebrities. For this reason, they recur to buy active followers Instagram.

This is what has happened and is happening with the break-up of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. They announced their break-up on Twitter on March 13, (maybe the Spanish are right about bad luck on Tuesday 13). It looked like a mutual separation agreement, but the war started on the next days when we saw how their followers on Instagram increased.

Celebrities buy active followers Instagram in their wars

Safaa Malik’s publication

What was it happening? They needed to buy followers Instagram to win the war. The first attack was on behalf of Zayn’s sister, Safaa: she posted a picture of her, her brother and Gigi with the message: “horrible people get nowhere”. Fortunately, she deleted the post, but the war was started.

Gigi started to post picture of her enjoying of her hobbies: watch a hockey game and a ride a horse. In just a few days, she increased her followers more than one million. So we can affirm that she started to buy active followers Instagram when she announced their break-up.

rangerstown 🌭

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In the case of Zayn, he started to post on Instagram the next day of their break-up. He posted pictures of him without shirt or with his shirt open showing his tattoos. Thanks to these pictures he increases his followers and obtains more admirers, many of them thanks to buy active followers Instagram.

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But, he has some followers who have laughed of one of his tattoos, because he has the eyes of Gigi tattooed, but maybe this followers were purchased by Gigi or someone to make fun of him.

Nonetheless, the war continues open and they buy active followers Instagram to become more important than the other one.

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