They buy cheap real Instagram followers for equality

People start to buy cheap real Instagram followers to fight for equality


We live in a world with a lot of diversity. But this diversity is not only between the different species of animals or flora. Human are also diverse. We have different skin colour, beliefs, ethnics groups, etc. But, all these differences make us unique. So, we need to fight to end with discrimination and fight together to reach equality. For this reason, some people decide to buy cheap real Instagram followers to promote their fight for equality on social media.

We have some examples of some women that fight to make public the differences that make humans unique.

The first example is Bridget Malcolm. She is an Australian model that works for Victoria’s Secret and other companies. Now her mentality has changed and she needs to fight to help the people to see how false model’s world is. She’s fed up with companies that require women to be thinner. For this reason she bought cheap real Instagram followers to share with more followers her fight.

NYC bye! Bahamas hi!

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Our second example is Ariana Omipi. She is a New Zealander influencer that became famous when she lost more than fifty kilos in only seven months. She bought a lot of cheap real Instagram followers to show how she had lost more than fifty kilos in only seven months. Now, she needs surgery to reduce her stomach, because she is gaining weight again.

SWIPE TO SEE PROGRESS 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 Yesterday marks 4 weeks since starting my journey and one week post surgery 🙌🏽 I started at a weight of 125.5 kg and managed to lose 7.6 kg in the 3 weeks pre-op. Following the surgery, after the first week I’m down 6.2 kg post surgery 👏🏽 THIS IS A TOTAL OF 13.8 KILOS IN THE PAST 4 WEEKS 🎉 The first photo is me the day of surgery post op with my bandages on as my wounds were healing and the second photo was me today with the bandages removed and my scars uncovered! 😱 I definitely feel lighter and certain clothes aren’t so suffocating however I know that significant change will take time. ⏰ As you can see the scaring is very minimal and over time will fade and blend in with my tummy stretch marks ☺️ Although weight isn’t everything on this journey and doesn’t define me, it is an important tracker and helps me know that I’m progressing. 🌟 The graph and tracking tool you see further on is the @fitbitanz app and I highly recommend you check it out as it’s my favourite tracking tool for all things health related including water intake and sleep 💖

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Our last example is Sara Geurts, she buys cheap real Instagram followers so people get to know about her disease. She looks like an old woman. For this reason, her dream of being a model was frustrated when she was ten years old. Now, with twenty seven years old, she shows on Instagram how she loves her body and herself.

Now, you can become part of their fight to change the worlds mentality and get equality. Don’t forget how important is to buy cheap real Instagram followers to obtain allies on Instagram.

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