Beauty and the Beast

Everyone’s talking about the new Beauty and the Beast movie and Emma Watson, who’s going to play as Belle. But there’s a very important reason as to why everyone’s talking about her so much recently, and it’s awesome.

emma watson The first picture Emma Watson uploaded to her new account.

Emma Watson has decided that she is going to share all of her looks throughout the whole creation process of the movie, but not in the traditional way, which would be red carpet and surrounded by lots of paparazzi photographers. She made a special Instagram account for this occasion, where she will be uploading all of her looks.

What’s special about Emma Watson’s fashion is that it’s sustainable fashion, which is something she has become very famous for supporting. She supports clothing brands that don’t work on or with animals in any way and don’t harm the environment. It’s as amazing as it sounds!

So if you want to check out her stuff and stay updated on what she’s uploading, we recommend checking out the aacount The Press Tour and looking at all those awesome exofriendly outsifts she’s got to show us. You can’t even tell the difference, they look as fashionable as any other piece of clothing. It’s also truly inspiring for someone with such level of fame to be such a great influence to millions of people.

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