Artistic food to get fast followers on Instagram

How to become a famous foodie and get fast followers on Instagram

Instagram and cuisine are inseparable, as Instagram offers a global place to show our dishes and our culinary technique. Some of the most important cooks, like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, use their account to show incredible recipes. Other cooks show the world their awesome constructions in their different dishes or their technique with minimalist cuisine.  All of these accounts get fast followers on Instagram, but they don’t innovate.

Foodies, you are going to tremble, as there is a new style on Instagram: the Baldini’s style. Michel Baldini is Mexican, only twenty years old, and does art and magic with a pan and eggs on his account The Eggs-hibit.

Tag someone that lives in another country! 🍳🌍

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His first post was on seventh of October of 2017, and has only six hundred fifty five likes and twelve comments. It was the maple leaf, in reference to Canada, made with a simple egg and his pan.

#Canada 🍁

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He has got a great ability to make incredible pictures of countries, animals, sports, foods, Star Wars or, even, Pac-Man. Are we before the new Picasso of the cuisine? We might, it depends on how many followers he gets on Instagram and if he becomes an influencer.

This was an amazing example of innovation in cuisine, and with this and other works of him, he becomes famous and gets fast followers on Instagram.

He has now more than twenty five thousand of followers with only fifty one posts, an example of how can you get fast followers on Instagram if you make original recipes or art with your foods.

But he is not the only one in doing special art with the food. Other accounts, like Idafrosk, the account of the Norwegian Ida Skivenes, show us how you can get fast followers on Instagram through art with cakes, salads, fruits or cookies. She is an authentic artist too, and has more than two hundred fifty thousand of followers.

Now, it’s your turn. If you are a great chef and you have got a lot of creative, you can get fast followers on Instagram with artistic posts of your dishes.

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